Take cleaning convenience to the next level in your RV or boat with the Vroom RV* - a retractable hose system powered by the Dirt Devil® CV1500 central vacuum system. 

Vroom RV is the first RV vacuum accessory to eliminate hose storage!  A 35' hose is stored conveniently in the flexible tubing system. There when you need it, hidden when you don't! Access strong vacuum power whenever you need it with Vroom RV.  It saves valuable space and makes cleaning your RV from front to back a breeze. Messes happen fast and Vroom cleans them quickly.

What It Replaces:
Vroom RV eliminates visible wall mounted vacs, VacPans, space-hogging portable vacs, brooms,dustmops, hand-held vacs and more.

How it Works:
Vroom RV is powered by your Dirt Devil® CV 1500 central vacuum. Pull Out. Vacuum. Retract. Vroom RV is quick and easy to use, takes up very little space and is always there when you need it. When you’re finished cleaning, it stays out of sight.



Pull out hose, engage hose lock,
turn on system
Vacuum mess (from floor, counter, drawer etc) using just the hose end or add a cleaning tool! Retract hose back into place.

System Components:


Installation Information:

Vroom RV’s flexible tube system allows for both single and multiple plane installations. Without special planning, the system can easily be placed around plumbing and ductwork. From mounting inside cabinet interiors to utility spaces to “dead spaces” around sink bases, the installation possibilities are endless. Looking for Installation information for the Vroom RV? Check out our installation page.


*Vroom RV handle is now black instead of green.