A standard upright vacuum cleaner might be okay for a house or an apartment, but it’s less mobile and versatile in an RV. In fact, it’s not likely to reach into tight corners and the smaller areas of an RV. The Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum System offers the perfect solution. The space-saving design of the Dirt Devil® CV1500 and its accessories (including the exclusive Vroom RV Retractable Hose) are ideal for RVs, motorhomes and boats.

A Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum System also creates a cleaner and healthier living space, which is especially important in the smaller confines of an RV. DirtDevil® systems transport and capture 100% of all vacuumed dirt in a remotelynlocated HEPA filter bag, eliminating the recirculation of dust and vacuum odors in your RV. The cleaner, healthier conditions are great for allergy and asthma suffers!

Add in the convenience of no hose storage with the Vroom RV or automatic dustpan clean-ups with the VacPan and you have the most powerful, convenient vacuum system on the road (or on the water!).